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Full Version: [Dragons6thW] 7 year Itch... why only 7 years?
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Kremlin KOA
Given that Dunky was able to see the future with pinpoint accuracy... (island to FB, anyone?) why was the master plan he gave Daviar only 7 years long... what did the big D see in 7 years time that would render his future written advice unnecessary? could he somehow return?
it's not exactly a given that Dunk could see the future with pinpoint accuracy. perhaps he simply knew enough about the mana cycle--having been through, what, at least one other one?--that he could tell when the cycle was going to affect the island.
Kanada Ten
I've wondered myself, and the time is almost up... Consider than she doesn't plan on running for President either. What if Dunkelzahn predicted she'd have a child? Or if dragon he trained would hatch from adolescent stage then and she is to raise/serve him? When you really think about it, what did she actually do in those seven years? Greet Ghostwalker?
Kremlin KOA
Mfb there's also the fact that in his will he shows that he is the "source" for KSAF data.
Dunkelzahn clearly wrote the seven-years plan concerned Gavilan Ventures, the holding owning 12% of Ares Macrotechnology stock. The plan should thus end in 2064, and according to Man & Machine a manned mission to Jupiter's moon Europa should take off that same year. Additionnaly, in Man & Machine, there's a blurb page 90 about how Ares had to chose between MCT and Pueblo corporations to develop the nanotechnology needed for its space program, and how the UCAS Senate got bothered by the idea.
Demonseed Elite
Mfb there's also the fact that in his will he shows that he is the "source" for KSAF data.

That is true, but it doesn't mean that Dunkelzahn could see the future with pinpoint accuracy. In fact, KSAF missed out on too many events for it to be a given that Dunkelzahn was seeing the future with pinpoint accuracy. More likely, there were things he figured out would happen, as a result of his "worldliness" (he's seen it all before, literally) and the fact that he had his claws involved in so much. Also, it's possible he employed metamagical abilities like Divining and Psychometry to get an idea of things that may happen in the near future.

Keep in mind that KSAF's orders to be at various places didn't always pay off. It's just that when it did pay off, it was well worth it.
7 years is also a number that shows up often in folklore/mysticism, so it's possible Dunkie's precognition magics only showed him up to that long.
Kremlin KOA
uh de the reason KSAF missed stuffwas listed in the gm part of threats... they didn't have the budget to follow all of Dunkie's leads

cat, possible but the amount of books that went to ksaf hints at otherwise
Ol' Scratch
It was only seven years long because by the time that 7th year came along, Dunkelzahn would feel compelled to travel to his homeworld (namely Mars) and confront his cheating bitch of an arranged wife about their marriage. She, in turn, would mention that she's been bumping nasties with another Great Dragon while he was away, at which point Dunky would go all spastic and try and fight him to the death... all the while some funky-cool music would be playing in the background.

Damn seven year itches...
i'll take marilyn over hestaby any day.
Wait, what's KSAF again?
Ancient History
The radio station that gets all the juicy bits.
Crimsondude 2.0
TV station.
Anyone else of the opinion we may actually find out in the last SR3 book, System Failure?
Live dead thread! Liiiiiivvvve!

I'm guessing the 7 year plan was nice in the sense that it was a foreshadowing that the power structure was going to get hit huge in 7 years nyahnyah.gif As described as sanct mentions, in system failure.
SL James
Yes, that was the joke.
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