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Full Version: Edges and Flaws
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Fire and Chaos
Iíve heard rules for this before, but can anyone give me a basic idea for how much good karma it should cost a player to buy an edge in game, assuming they role played gaining it? Conversely whatís a good amount of karma to award a player should they be hit with a flaw in game?
Sorry, can't help you with rules, but if I may throw in my .02$...

If it's gained thru roleplay, it shouldn't cost anything. The GM decides that the character effectively merits it, wether it's an edge or a flaw. Players shouldn't really have much control on this. Also, some edges or flaws just can't happen. You do not become ambidextruous, for example. You are born that way, or you aren't.
On ambidexterity, yes, you can develop it.

The edge comes in 4 grades, restrict grade 3 and 4 to genetic only.

On ambidexterity, yes, you can develop it.

Really? You can develop using 2 guns or 2 melee weapons (off-hand weapon skill), but can you really become ambidextruous? This is medically/scientifically proven?
Don't know if it is. What exactly do you mean by ambidexterity? SR rules don't treat it as yes/no. Normally a person's "off-hand" is under-developed, but if you spend time developing the use of the "off-hand" it would cover a number of skills, not a specific skill only. I have friends who have badly broken wrists/arms and had to develop their "off-hand" to cope. They didn't practice every single skill to improve. So I would have to say that, yes they did develop grade 1 or 2 ambidexterity.

As to "dual-wielding", my feelings are that it should a separate skill anyway. Melee fighting with two weapons requires a totally different body stance for starters. Switching between left-handed and right-handed single wielding is much easier as you only have to mirror-image your movements.
Fire and Chaos
Perhaps I should explain. I'm starting a new game with a mix of exp. and new players. To keep things simple I'm limiting them to the core book, and that means no companion, but I like the idea of edges and flaws. It allows to really distinguish one character from another. So I thought if it made sense with the character after a session or two I could allow them to buy some edges that would seem appriopate for their character, or correspondingly pick up a flaw or two in exchange for some karma.
I believe companion says to remove a flaw you must role-play it well and spend good karma = 5* point value.

Karma x 10 actually.

just reverse it for edges and keep rollin'.
I'd go with GenoSicK, if a character can find someway to learn the edge they should be able to for pay it with karma, but it would have to be realistic - you really can't 'learn' adrenaline surge. But you could train yourself to an immunity to a variety of natural toxins effectively granting the 1 point edge.

But but I also agree with backgammon. I feel a gm should be able to award edges or inflict flaws if the roleplay and situation would warrant it. For example you maybe couldn't learn the spirit affinity (forest spirits) Edge. But I see no reason why you couldn't do something for a free forest spirit that effectively granted you the same effect as a reward. You can already inflict flaws from stress, so the precedent is there for a GM to do the same in other circumstances. You can easily become 'Hunted' for example, even if only for a breif period. How you handle any karma bonus in return is tricky though (if you get a flaw at char gen you get build points. I figure for certain occasions in game you might get some kind of one off small karma award based on the value of the flaw or something).

In any case it would be totally up to the game group to agree, its not covered in the rules, except for getting rid of flaws with karma. But you could use that as a starting point.
Actually, I use this method frequently as GM.
I just give a flaws if I think the situation deserve it.
Like if a char go through a really horrific experience, and if the player really roleplay it well, I give him a Flashback, phobia or compulsion.
But the karma just don't go with it, it's just a free flaws, that the char can get rid f (if he want) by extensive roleplaying, with no karma cost.
Sometimes it's based on a period connected with a certain topic or campaign, sometimes not.

As for the edges, ask for a good roleplay for some sessions, and when you think the char has done enough, make him pay (Value*10)karma points.
But for the flaws, be really careful on what you accept. And I would just give (Value)karma points, it's enough.
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