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Full Version: A complete official list of Shadowrun novels
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The Vanguard
Hi I need a complete official list of Shadowrun novel with Authors, the official list only gives me titles I need the know who the Authors are so the used books stores can do searchs for me.

All of the books except Stranger Souls are listed here:

You'll need to click through to pull up authors, tho.
Or maybe try FanPro's official SR site -here
Fanpro's site doesn't list the authors. That's why I gave the link to pen and paper.
I'm so psyched about the link between Scientologists and the UB...That is so freaking funny. I think that's the most intersting post yet. The universal brotherhood is part of what makes shadowrun so great. My favorite three games were Mecurial or "Maria Metallica" and teh Universal Brotherhood / Queen Euphoria.

I actually had a wierd nightmare about cults.....I guess I shouldn't have been going through that old UB book before bed.
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