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Full Version: Drone movements confusing?
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I have recently returned to GMíng shadowrun <I was away since second edition> but found some things changed.
My latest problem is with drones, a rigger player has a drone, pilot 1, acceleration 6
he wants to move it as fast as possible from point a to point b. the rules say he has to make a test with the handling of the drone and successes x acceleration of the drone = speed reached.

now this is all and well when he is driving a car as he uses the car skill but when remotely controlling a drone? which skill should he use? there is no `remote control drone`skill in SR3 ??
or am I misunderstanding something?

Every drone is built around a chassis (fixed wing, rotary wing, car(crawler), etc.). Every chassis has a skill. Use the appropriate skill.
Yes, you are misunderstanding. IIRC Remote Operations is a specialization of the vehicle skills, but you treat it for the most part as if you were actually physically jacked into the drone. A miniblimp uses LTA skill, a Strato uses rotodrone, and a Steel Lynx uses Car.

Actually the Lynx uses tracked I think. Could be wrong though. Might be a specilization... indifferent.gif
Otaku On Acid
For the drones in the core book where can you find what type of chasis they are?
Well, I can't remember off hand if its explicitly stated, but have a read of the descriptions. If it says its a crawler, you can probably use car if its a wheeled one, tracked if not. If it says rotor drone.. well, you get the picture.

The only one I've never been completely sure about is the skimmer. And I can't remember if that's in the core book anyway.

Also remember that a rigger can always default to reaction and with the VCR target modifier adjustment that's often worth considering before you invest in a skill that you maybe won't use (say for spotter drones, they aren't exactly combat capable anyway, so it doesn't matter if you can't outmanoevre an attack chopper with it, because you'd probably never need to in the first place).
Skimmer uses the hovercraft skill. Steel Lynx, which is a wheeled drone, uses the ground vehicles skill. Each vehicle skill has a remote operations specialization, as Kagetenshi stated above. Also, a rigger can make more than one acceleration/deceleration test during a combat turn.
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