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Full Version: Area spells -- radius or area of effect?
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Really stupid question here, but I've searched the SR3 source book cover to cover, and I can't find the info.

For area effect spells, there's no note about the size of the area in question. For example, how much area will a force 6 Stunball cover?

Can the mage control the radius but keep the same force?

In myu opinion, an area spell is of no use if the radius is so small, it only ever affects one target, nor will it be particularly useful if it ends up affecting everyone in the vicinity of the caster, including allies and perhaps the caster too!

Or does it cover every hostile target the mage can see?

I'm sorry for being ignorant of the rules, but there doesn't seem to be any clarification in the SR3 sourcebook.

First paragraph, 2nd Column on SR3:189 - "The base radius for all area effect spells is the caster's Magic Attribute is meters".
he means, i believe, SR3:181. the paragraph below that discusses changing the radius for spells.
Whoops, thanks mfb. Yeah the first paragraph is the quote on the radius and the second talks about reducing the radius, basically 1m for each 2 dice held from the Sorcery Test.

I was tearing my hair out trying to figure out where it was
You can also increase the spell's radius by withholding 1 die per meter. Citing something easier about letting it loose is easier than trying to confine it.

So. Who's imagining a Harle-fireballl right now? I know I am.
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