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Full Version: Legality Codes
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I was flipping through my Rulebook when I noticed something, none of the personal weapons, knives, swords, whips, staves, shock gloves, etc, have a P in their legality code. This makes me confused, why is a staff illegal to own? Why is a survival knife illegal to own? There are legitimate reasons for people to own these things, and not one of them lets you have a permit, let alone is flat out legal.

I have a Mage with a Force 3 Katana-ish weapon focus, I realize since its above force 2 I need a permit, and thats fine, but can I even get one? She has a SIN and she has been known to hunt magical threats like Toxic Shamans, as an aide to Knight Errant investigations. The Character is totally legit, she even has Friends in High Places, though not in the UCAS. On the same note, she has a shielding focus of Force 3 as well, that should be no problem getting a permit for, but how about a regular Cougar Fine Blade?

Is there a typo in the rules? Did I read something wrong?
I imagen its similer to nower days (for uk at least) have a knife or sword in your home, thats ok for display purposes, carry it on the street thats 5 years unless you have a ligit reason.
Fygg Nuuton
yea knives are always illegal to carry. just wierd like that
Austere Emancipator
The reason for that is, of course, that a staff or a knife or a sword can only be used for crime, while a burst-firing shotgun with a 50-round drum is purely a self-defence weapon.
personally i think it falls into the stupid laws cataory.

however there isnt any monopoly on that particular item. every goverment has stupid laws
:: laughs :: Nice shot AE. As a liberal in the american south, I know exactly what sort of stupidity you're talking about. What's worse is when they justify high caliber assault weapons as...hunting..weapons. I don't know which part disturbs me more, that such a travesty is politically valid or that some people may be serious about it.

More seriously, that is really weird... edged weapons I could understand, but a staff?
More seriously, that is really weird... edged weapons I could understand, but a staff?

That would mean you'd need to get a permit every time you walked across a beach carrying firewood. Some items are just too common to regulate like that.
Imagine all the legal hoops Gandalf will have to jump through... biggrin.gif
As one of the Istari, there's a bounty for him in Quebec grinbig.gif

Firewood is not a staff. Just make shore the head doesn’t fall of your broom while the cops are there. And all those old codgers will not be impressed when there walking sticks get noticed (I have been known to hie a club and monofilament whip in a gentleman’s walking cane, weapon focus & power focus as well)

The knives cant be licenced while guns can be does make sense, I cant explain why though...
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