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Full Version: Smartlink and Riggers
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Does a Smarlink on a Vehicle-mounted Weapon help with Sensor-Enhanced Gunnery?

The rules for Sensor-Enhanced Gunnery, starting on page 152 of BBB, do not indicate that it helps. The Limited Simsense Rig of the Smartlink System, which keeps track of the Riggers body position and the relationship of his hand to his eye, will be comletely useless for Sensor-Enhanced Gunnery.

Yes, a Smartlink on a Vehicle-mounted Weapon helps in Manual Gunnery Tests. And a vehicle should be able to put a targeting dot on the sensor image shown to the Rigger based on target position and gun position, but none of this is improved with a Smartlink.

Are the Smarlinks on the Drone Rigger's drones (page 327 of BBB) or the Vehicle Rigger's Wasp (page 329 of BBB) totally useless?

Nope, not useless; manual gunnery through rigger-adapted vehicles is still extremely useful for high-SIG targets or for when you can't spare the complex action to lock on. Keep in mind that a Rigger is not required to use SEG; also keep in mind that the VCR replaces all bits of the Smartlink but the processor and the I/O. On the other hand, it is explicitly stated that it doesn't help with SEG.

Thanks Kage, I'll keep that in mind. You suggest the Dwarven Drone Rigger should ride the Doberman in order to gain the benefit of the Smartlink. And you suggest the Dwarven Vehicle Rigger should jack out of his Wasp in order to fire the weapon by hand and get the benefit of the smartlink.

I claim that the Smartlinks on the Drone Rigger's Doberman's Ingram Valiant LMG and his Defiance Supershock Taser are both useless. The Doberman will not be mounted with weapon grips for a gunner to ride the drone.

I claim that the Smartlink on the Vehicle Rigger's Wasp's AK97 is useless. The AK97 is mounted on a Micro Turret, and all Micro Turrets are Remote Turrets, and Remote Turrets are operated from inside the vehicle via remote sensors. So says Rigger 3 Revised page 141.

Does anyone see anything wrong with my logic?
I most certainly do not suggest jacking out to fire by hand. You can use manual gunnery while jacked in, it just involves "winging it" rather than using the sensors to aim the shot. It's similar to the difference between active and passive sensors.

QUOTE (SR3 page 151 second sentence under Manual Gunnery)
Riggers jacked into vehicles may use the manual gunnery rules to fire vehicle weapons.
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