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I've been researching Korea in the Sixth World and besides finding out that it was reunited in the early twenty-first century and that it has some pirates, there's nothing else I could find out about it.

So, is there any thing else on Korea in some obscure rulebook I forgot to check out?
Target:Smugglers Havens has a chapter covering some Korean ports in the Sea of Japan. Blood in the Boardroom makes short description of two Korean corps, Eastern Tiger and Kwonsham. Else, you'd have to wait for Shadows of Asia probably in 2005.
Can't wait to flip trhoughthose long-awaited pages...I've been dreaming of an Asia sourcebook (Asia in the Shadows or Shadows of Asia as they are called in 3rd ed). I would also like to see something about South Africa. The veil was partially lifted in a few sourcebooks and novels (was it Nosferatu ?)
I really like when cyberpunk meets with foreign cultures (especially traditional cultures) like in Effinger's Marid Audran cycle in his dystopian cybermuslim world...
Thanks Nath but I've already read T:SH that's where I found out about the pirates and the reunification (sorry, I guess I should have mentioned it).

BTW can anyone-Adam?-confirm if any work's already done on Shadows of Asia? If it's meant to come out in 2005 they should at least have started brainstorming, right?

@Ombre: I agree it's really fun to see what happens when cyberpunk meets up with foreign cultures; sure Seattle's OK but dropping the characters in the midst of Neo-Aztec Aztlan or Dragon/Nubians/Cybertech filled Caerlon (sp?)can be so much fun!
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