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By all accounts, SOTA:2064 is completed, printed, and otherwise ready for sale. I mean, it apparently barely missed release at GenCon. Now, it's over a month later, and still no signs. Has something gone drastically wrong along the production line, or what?
Blasted shadowrunners stealing SOTA64.....
We haven't even got a subforum for it, or Mr. Johnson's Little Black Book. Most of the stores near me expected it last week, but didn't get it in. Now they have no idea.
SOTA: 2064 should be shipping out this week.

To clarify something: most times when a book is released at GenCon, the copies are rushed to the con - the regular cycle of shipping from printer -> warehouse -> distributors -> stores has barely just begun. Even if SOTA: 2064 had made it to GenCon, it still wouldn't have been in stores for a few weeks. Sometimes exceptions happen - both SJG and White Wolf released new books simultaneously at GenCon and to stores, but a lot of GenCon releases are more accurately "pre-releases."
Caine Hazen
YEAH!! I had heard that there were print problems with this one which is why it didn't show at GenCon. Stiggy's got the Mr J's LBB up, but Alliance is giving my store crap abut getting it... I hate our alliance rep, stupid monopolies
QUOTE (Namer18)
We haven't even got a subforum for it, or Mr. Johnson's Little Black Book.

I remember one of the admin (Adam IIRC) was saying they were waiting for the forums troubles to be fixed before opening a subforum for MrJLLB. So as long as we'll be on (look at your navigation bar), I wouldn't expect any subforums to show up.
I've got Mr J's LBB, and have since thursday last week. Still waiting on SOTA 64 though... and I'll probably not get it for as week or (if not a month) after most here cos it's gotta come across the pond.

Stupid non-simultaneous worldwide releases!!
You realize that the economical way to do a simultaneous worldwide release is to delay a book even longer for all parts of the world, until the one where it takes the longest to ship to gets their copies? Man, that sounds like an idea that everyone will love! smile.gif

And yes, no new subforums until we upgrade the message board software.
So the US ends up waiting an extra week, and the UK and Europe gets the book earlier than originally planned.

If Microsoft and a whole bunch of console and computer game companies can manage it, surely everyone can :o)
No - the UK and Europe would get the book at exactly the same time as they normally would. Which is typically fairly fast anyway, as Esdevium does a good job handling a lot of UK/European distribution.
QUOTE (from Fast Forward Entertainment website)
State of the Art:2064  FPR25004  $24.99  Preorder Now!

Available Monday, September 27, 2004

Apparently, something bad happens...
I thought the UK got stuff after the US. Do in everything else, save British films :o)
Game companies typically ship stuff to North American and European distributors at the same time. European release dates are usually a week or two behind American release dates. Holding the books so people in North America couldn't buy it before it was available in Europe would have no positive benefit to any game company, except in the case of a major release where a big "Release Day Party" event - like the recent new World of Darkness release - was planned.
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