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Full Version: [ShadowsOfEurope] Poland Review
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I didn't see a thread dealing with Poland so I decided to start one up.

First off the bad. I wish that there was more info on Calozerca. Was there a loss of material after editing? Will there be any future material dealing with the dragon? Why was he imprisoned? Is he a great or just a dragon? How powerful is he anyways? Just curious.

Overall this is a great chapter to run merc campaigns, but I would not want to send my regulars into Poland. In my humble opinion it makes it a bit of a one dimensional location.

Now the good. Things make sense, which is always good, and I can actually believe the history. And the whole civil war is an interesting plot.

Overall it was a good chapter, but like most SoE's chapters I think it suffered a bit from editing. Too bad FanPro couldn't print a 400+ pg book biggrin.gif.
I apologize for my mistake. I honestly did not see this thread, and since the page was showing 12 of 12 threads for Europe I assumed no one bothered to give their two cents about the chapter. Unfortunately I did not notice that it only lists posts from the last 30 days. I have been gone from the forums for a while now, mainly due to two hurricanes.

Thank you for the link.
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