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Full Version: Buying false credsticks
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Reading P. 239 of the core book, it doesn't say exactly how or if credstick types correspond with the number ratings. Would a rating 1 platinum and a rating 15 standard credstick be possible? Or would they correspond with the rating ranges below, with ebony and platinum both in the 13+ range? And would the credstick type matter in validation checks since they use increasingly secure biometrics? (number code to fingerprint to voiceprint to retinal to cellular scan)

Are there any books with more on credsticks? Thanks in advance.
No, Rating is not tied to the stick "colour".
Colour is not well explained, but it seems to be tied to how much money you have in yor bank account.
Colour makes no differance for validation.

Sprawl Survival Guide had more on credsticks. It's an excellent book well worth your purchase. I can also direct you to some thoughts on credsticks at this excellent website:
its color is most likely connected to the amount of credit you can spend in a set amount of time or something similar. alltho it seems that credsticks are like todays debit cards, direct withdrawal from your account rather then spending money you dont have and then paying it back later (credit card).
You can make a rating one forged gold credstick. The only functional difference the transaction limit. Ofcause credstick readers have transaction limits as well. if you want to make the big purchase you will need to slot it in a high rating reader. What chance dose your rating 1 forgery have.

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