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Full Version: Cost of living/Crime punishment tables
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Topic says all.

It is possible to print them in one of the supplementals (or have they been printed)?

I missed them in the newer books (SoNA, SoE) and i would like to see the older ones.

Im up to put some of them together from the books i own.
Feels ignored...

But my work is done btw.
As to the newer tables, I read somewhere that Synner has some plans to put them (or at least SoE's) on the web in the near future, if that helps. I'm sure he could confirm or deny that though. wink.gif
The Cost of Living tables for SoE are being compiled for release through the SRRPG website.
I love being right! biggrin.gif

One good message.

What about SoNA?
Dunno...Synner??? scatter.gif
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