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Full Version: rules for dwarf and troll vehicle mods?
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The NSRCG has an option for modifying vehicles for dwarves and trolls. Where are the rules for that?
Rigger 3, though I believe they’re mentioned in SR3 somewhere.

Yeah, I've been looking but I can't find them. It's driving me nuts.
Should be in the vehicle modification section. There's an entry in the controls section, and again in seating.
Yeah, I found it...finally. wobble.gif
AFAIK the modifiers for dwarf and troll mods to vehicles under NSRCG follow the Racial Modifications rules on page 272 of SR3. This will result in a different cost that by taking a base vehicle and adding adjusted controls out of rigger 3.
Puck Wildhorse, M.D.
Dwarves piloting vehicles intended for humans, orks and elves get a +2 modifier to handling (I think). Dwarves piloting a Troll Modified vehicle get a +4 modifier to handling (I think). The same is true in reverse. The logic is that the controls and the seat aren't sized correctly to a smaller or a larger person.

My GM (and maybe yours if you ask) allows dwarves and trolls to pilot vehicles with no handling modifier provided that the vehicle is data jack controlled. The logic is that the dwarf or troll doesn't actually need to manipulate physical controls to drive the vehicle. As data cables can extend for several feet, the dwarf or troll can ride pretty much where they want to. In fact, my dwarf recently drove into combat while standing up in the sun roof and firing off a machine gun. In effect, I was both the driver and the gunner of my MPUV.

Of course, in an accident, the seat belts and air bags won't work as well for the odd sized metahuman. Especially if you are standing up in the sun roof when you crash. So it goes.
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