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Full Version: Rulelawyer Quiz -- Deadly Damage
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Simple question. Should be easy for any GM. Rules are on SR3 page 125, under Exceeding the Condition Monitor. I want the Canon answer.

No peeking below, but you may use your books.

No peeking below.
Austere Emancipator
One version of the correct answer herein, do not look in here before you've answered, or you'll always know you aren't worth the title of Rules Lawyer:
[ Spoiler ]
Awwww. It's no fun when the first person to reply is a rule lawyer. Congratulations! notworthy.gif

/Edit: (AE - if you want you can edit your post, or put it in a spoiler. You do deserve credit for your answer.)
Austere Emancipator
You want I should edit my post?
No brainer for any self-respecting rules-lawyer. wink.gif
Austere Emancipator has, of course, posted the Canon answer. Much less diversity in the answers to this quiz than to the one on Healing. Thank you all for participating.
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