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Full Version: Obscure Miniatures question
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Hey folks, I'm trying to expand my collection of Shadowrun miniatures, and I noticed that I have a rather extreme shortage of metahumans. Basically, the only Troll I have is the one from the Metahuman Street Samurai set. The only dwarves I have are the one from that same set and one from the Metahuman Tribals set. However, in looking through IWM's catalog, I didn't see a whole lot of other options for Trolls (or really Dwarfs) listed.

In doing a web search, I came across a rather old posting from Bull (from 2/00) about a FASA released 10-403 set, entitled Base Runner Set. He mentioned that it encluded a Troll Mage among others. Anyone know if this sets was ever released? (Or if IWM has the molds?)

Alternatively, anyone have any other recommendations?

Lucien Cross
Yes this set was released and you can still find some kicking around here or there. In addition to this troll I have (looking in my box) a Female Troll with a Big A$$ Rifle, a cyclops from the metavariants pack, a minotaur from the same I also got a Troll in body armor with an Assualt Cannon, but I'm not really sure where he came from.

In terms of Dwarfs there were two Gnome metatypes included in one of the metavariants packs and I got one with some fist-ona-chain type thing from god knows where. Also one of the mystic crusader figs is short enough to pass for a dwarf (I've had at least one player use it for this purpose). I know I have some unopened figs somewhere in this mess around here but I don't know if any of them fit the bill and I can't find them at the moment.

I'm not sure what the avail. is of these figs. I got most of them directly from Mike at IWM but you may be able to find them on e-bay or at FLGS. Best of luck.
You can go to Iron Wind Metals to get all of the old Ral Partha shadowrun figs.

They are the old Ral Partha company, and still cast the figs. Thats where I've been getting all of mine at.

I just blew 200 bucks on Citidal paint and another 150 on minis to get my collection up to date.
I'm very familiar with IWM -- I placed a large order with them just last week. However, there are a lot of old Partha Shadowrun figures that aren't listed in their catalog. I've got an e-mail in to them asking about availability on some of these. But, I can't even find pictures for a lot of the old blisters.
I loved the old leads, but when New York forced it to be something else, I got bord with them as the castings were of such poor quality.
Really? I just picked up some of the lead free pewter and I was comparing them to a blister of old leads that I found in a shop recently. (I just got on a painting kick.) The lead figures were so much "bendier" and more fragile than the pewter. There was a touch more flashing on the lead-free than on the lead, but not enough that I thought it was a problem.

Oh yeah, since I didn't say it earlier -- Thanks for all the helpful replies! love.gif
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