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Full Version: Two-fisted Fighting Question
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During a recent game one of my players was locked in melee combat with another sammy when one of the other goons was trying to escape, when it came to his pass he asked if he could draw his ruger and plug the escapee and still make a melee attack against the sammy. I flipped through the BBB and couldn't come up with anything regarding this except under the general No melee/ranged weapon combos. I thought that since we where under extrenuating circumstances, (the other two runners where unconscious and the escaping goon had the data that they needed) I figured that i'de let him try it. After various additions, subtractions, and what turned out to be a mathematical nightmare that could make Einstein quiver, I came up to a final TN of 17 to complete both tasks. He succeeded after much burnt karma to lower the TN to 11 and all of his combat pool dice, but thats off topic. Does anyone out there know of some rules that would allow such a task or was I just being to generous?


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he wanted to draw and fire, while taking a swing at his opponent? no, that's not possible at all. what he can do is draw and fire at a +2 TN, and then simply counterattack when the sam takes a turn.
Or quick draw and fire at the running target, and use a second simple action to plug the sam (+2 for the first, +4 for the second for switching targets).

I was under the impression that you couldn't fire at a target who was engaged in melee combat with you.. maybe I need to check the BBB, thanks for clearing this up though!


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You can. There's a +2 penalty for it, however. At least, I think it's +2. Might be +4.
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