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Full Version: New critter book
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Blue eyes

Wanna see the cover for the new critter book that is scheduled to be released later this year?
Visit the link below, it the official german shadowrun homepage, that you also can access through the us official shadowrun homepage.
When there pick: vorschau - from the menu on the left, here you will be shown the covers for Mr. J's black book, Sota 64 & The new critter book.
Austere Emancipator
For the clickically challenged.
I like it. It reminds me of the 2nd edition core book cover, only... better.

Do we know who the artist is?
I can't see it (lousy fun-blocking filters on work computers), does it have elves with mullets???
Yes. Yes, it does.
Hmm, my guess on the artist is Marc Sasso, but I couldn't find anything on his homepage about that cover. There are only some older (yet still unused) Shadowrun illustrations under "New Images".
To bad it's in German. I loved the original Critter book, a new one would be killer.
Running Wild will be released in English before it's released in German.
Only it will be different from the earlier critter books. This is not a "critter catalgue", it's more a sourcebook about how to use critters and further rules how to handle them (training etc.). Also included are probably rules for critters as PCs.
Great. Bunnies and Burrows, Shadowrun Edition.

Not that that wouldn't rock, but it'd rock as a spinoff game, not a subset of SR.

otaku mike
Humm, with Drakes, Ghouls and Shifters already available as PCs under some conditions, I don't think there is much sentients creature left to be playable.
Let's see: Vampires, Centaur, Dragons (cool.gif), Merrow, Naga, Sasquatch (maybe already available, I'm not sure), Sprite (Windlings)...
I don't think we'll ever be able to play a Barghest or a Bunyip (too bad wink.gif)
Hey, I think it would be fun to play a Blackberry Cat as a PC... biggrin.gif
I wanna play a Devil Rat! ohplease.gif

In all seriousness, I think the limited space could be better used with more mainstream content.
QUOTE (Fortune)
I wanna play a Devil Rat! ohplease.gif

Demon Rat! Regeneration and I get to order mere devil rats around.

QUOTE (Club)
QUOTE (Fortune @ Oct 4 2004, 03:25 AM)
I wanna play a Devil Rat! ohplease.gif

Demon Rat! Regeneration and I get to order mere devil rats around.

eek.gif eeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww eek.gif
John Campbell
Yes, just what we need... devil rat PCs.

I've got the Kamikaze and the little parachute ready and waiting...
And the leather bomber jackets. Dont forget those.

Highly anticipated. I never really used critters, as I couldent really get a grasp on HOW to use them smartly.
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