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Full Version: Grenade detonating grenades
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Grenade detonating grenades.

There are some military types hear or at least gun enthusiasts.

I am interested in real life experiments along the lines of detonating a grenade beside other grenades. What is the result? How do you model it in SR. (I assume the elemental magical amo cook of is a magical effect and dose not need explenation)

Austere Emancipator
The engineers I talked with in the military said you can blow up several grenades with one as long as they are firmly pressed together. If you just drop one primed grenade in a pile of safe grenade, there's a decent chance that they'll just fly all over the place and don't go off. I've heard the same from several sources.

Depends on grenade of course. A pile of non-fragmenting (offensive grenades in RL terminology) will go off easier, because they're basically blocks of high explosives in a plastic shell with a primer. Fragmenting grenades are less likely to go off, since they have a rather thick metal shell which absorbs some of the blast, and only ~1/3rd- the explosives.

I seem to remember from our demolitions course that the "progression" length of a 125g (could've been 250g) stick of TNT is 20cm (8") -- two sticks have to be that close to each other or closer for one to set off the other.

Generally speaking, if you've got a bunch of grenades hanging on a load-bearing vest or similar set up, one going off on the vest would not set off the others. Same for getting hit with grenades, unless a launched grenade actually hits one of the grenades you're carrying. A 0.5kg block of C-12 might set off other explosives within 0.5-1 meters.

Don't concern yourself with ammo. It might get damaged, once we're talking about damage codes in the 10D+ range. The possibility of it going off and doing some damage on its own is negligible.
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