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Full Version: Pure DNI
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I've been reading the Matrix book and was wondering why a decker would not want to run by pure DNI.

From what I gather, the only difference from pure DNI is that you use your Int to determine your Matrix initiative instead of your Reaction. It seems like a no-brainer to run pure DNI even if your Reaection is higher than your Int because of the bonuses you gain to initiative.

Am I missing something here?
Kremlin KOA
not quite pure dni means that the (int+qui)/2 part of reaction becomes int so it is even nastier than you thought, although you can't pure dni a cold asist stream. thus you are a little more vulnerable to Black and grey ic
Chasgul III
IIRC running through your deck means that your deck takes the drek when you get iced, no deck, ie pure DNI, means that your head gets iced directly. The virus in your tortoise cannot infect your brain kind of thing.
IIRC running through your deck means that your deck takes the drek when you get iced, no deck, ie pure DNI, means that your head gets iced directly

That's the difference between hot and cold assist, not DNI. From what I read, pure DNI only uses your Int as Reaction and increases your Initiative.
DNI--Direct Neural Interface, effectively you are running with a cable between you and the deck.

Non-DNI, you still have minor actions, buttons and switches toggled. (Gibson's Neuromancer described this well the first time our protagonist jacked in.)

If we presume that we are running a Hot ASIST, then beyond number crunching mechanics you have the simple thought of personality. Texture can be very important for some people, sensation being the main way to prove that the world is real. (This argument has gone both ways in the land of BTLs and UV Hosts.)

From a number crunching angle you have the classic argument of reaction vs initiative. If you are able to sneak up on them, out react them and put them down in one pass, your initiative dice won't matter. (That has several conditional modifiers but you get the point.)
Chasgul III
Sorry - my bad indifferent.gif
kremlin koa, you can use pure DNI with cold ASIST. heck, you can use pure DNI with trodes.
Necro Tech
But you only gain benefits if you are running Hot Assist with a datajack.
you still get to use your Int for Rea, with cold ASIST or even trodes. you just don't get the +2/+1d6 init boost.
Necro Tech
Actually, you can't run DNI with trodes.

Matrix pg 18. "If trodes allow access to the matrix superhighway, datajacks put the user in the express lane. Perhaps the most common implant in the world of 2061, the datajack allows the user to mentally link himself to devices that are equipped for direct neural input (DNI)."
that doesn't make sense, though. even if you're not using pure DNI, you're still making use of DNI to connect to the Matrix, even through trodes.
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