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Full Version: Pictures of Orc's
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After some exhaustive searches on Google, I have come up empty. Plastic Rat is playing an Orc in my game, and I am desperately trying to find a decent picture for his PC. Neither one of us can find any pictures that seem right for his character.

So, I throw myself at the mercy of your obviously superior google-fu.
The orc in question is a snappy dresser (Think Vashion Island, Tiger's Eye and Crimson Skies lines.) He is also a combat decker.

Thanks in advance... biggrin.gif
dont bother. whatever picture you find will never beat imagination.

So just go right ahead and describe in words the overall description of the orc and throw in some detail and let the player's imagination do the rest.

pictures/figurines/maps and anything remotely related to fixed descriptions ruins alot of the fun.

I rather imagine myself what that Ork security guard with a smelly breath and a earring wearing ARES logo kevlar tshirt looks like than to have some half-ass attempt of apicture to show a fantazy ork with a cleaver.

Im not an artist so I cant draw what i imagine so i just simply imagine more smile.gif

no picture can ever match imagination. it can only restrict on what your want to do..

In RL my appearance changes weekly (or forthnigtly depends on when i decide to shave my beard) so there really is no "average me" and having a Ork picture to represent your/your PC character will not do anyone good.

dont limit yourself with snapshots in time...just imagine what ever you want an ork to look like...

if that is still no an answer you can try search for warhammer 40000 and visit the many websites dedicated to the hobby and just pinch some pictures from their pages.
Ancient History
It's Ork! Also, unlike Warhammer, our Orcs ain't green. 'cept for the Hobgoblins. 'n the guys who went for skin pigmentation or that bioware.
And Bull. Though he's now red ork.gif

I did a comparable search for a photograph for a campaign a few months ago. Basically, you can find screen-caps from LotR, pictures of Gaming Miniatures, or, if you're really unlucky, LARPers.
Just find a picture of a Klingon.

I'd just photoshop tusks onto the guy in the tailored pheromones image in M&M. He's already pretty broad for a human, and his smirk is just begging for goblinization.
I like most of this guy's work. Not super-realistic, but pretty good for just a pencil sketch.

SR Illustrations
Drain Brain
I've got a fairly sharp-looking ork in shirt-and-tie in a comic book style... a manipulation of a Marvel character sketch for some character or other. I use it for my ork physad.

It's not on line unfortunately, but if you PM me an address, I'll send it over...
Kanada Ten
Ork with tusked removed (cosmetic sugery)
Here is another picture of an orc (or half orc IIRC). Not sure if his clothing fits in though.

Great game Arcanum BTW.
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