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Full Version: Focus concentration
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Hi guys

I was looking through the section on spell casting in SR3 and I saw that it mentioned you could cast several spells at once, but you suffer a +2 for every spell above the first.

Now, I was thinking, if you can concentrate better to withstand the sustaining, would it be too OTT to say that this also decreased the penalty to +1.

From a fluff point of view, it seems to make sense that it decreases this also since you're able too multitask and so it doesn't cause as much of a distraction by casting two or more at once.
This was discussed recently. I think the consensus was that the edge doesn't need to be made even more powerful for its cost.

If you feal the need you could conceivably create an edge that did that but donít tack it onto an already powerful edge.

Eyeless Blond
Indeed. Call it "Multicast" and make it cost the same as Focused Concentration. I'm sure there are some people who'd take it, maybe a shaman with a few hefty totem bonuses.
Morphling The Pretender
I made a poll about this earlier. Check the results and see what people thought:
Okay, thanks guys. I'll do that I think.
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