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Full Version: Grrr... where is the Barghest?
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I'm starting my game tonight, and running Physical from Harlequin. I'm adding extra Barghests to the defenses of the Publishing House and have just discovered that 3rd ed doesn't have a beastiary in it. It just talks about dragons and spirits.

I dug out my old 2ed book and its in there, so I can use that, but this suggests to me that I'm missing a critter book. I have the Paranormal Critters book from 2nd edition, is there a 3rd ed Critters book to be had now?
Bargest from critters book released in conjunction with the GM screen or "Preditor and Pray"

B 7
Q 6x4
S 5
C -
I 3/6
W 3
E 6Z
R 6
INIT= 2D6+6
POWERS, Enhanced senses (sonar), Fear, Paralyzing Howl
also in SR2.
And since this always seems to come up at some point, critters use Reaction when making physical attacks. They also get combat pool calculated just as PC's do, using the right hand Intelligence number (Perception) as opposed to the left one (actual Intelligence). smile.gif
Kanada Ten
And just for completeness then, the Z following Essence means the critter is dual-natured.
If you want to be a complete bastard might I recommend adding a little light cyberware to the doggies? A condition monitor linked to something like a radio can be quite evil- if the PC's shoot or drug the animals then it's likely to show up on the condition monitor and alert security. Of course this does run the risk of turning them slightly psychotic so there's pros and cons to the deal. smile.gif

Edit: Hell, why not use something like the DocWagon condition monitor bracelets but integrated into their collars? Far less intrusive, much less costly, transferable and can be switched/taken off easily.
Thanks for the info, the run started last night and they didn't get past meeting the Fixer who is acting as the go between for them and Harlequin. I rewrote the intro as I seldom like the one's they use in the Module, and the encounter with the orcs in "Physical" is just stupid and unprofessional. I had the Fixer meet take place on the Matrix.

I have the 3.0 GM screen and the Critters suppliment, so thanks. Neither FASA nor Wizkids have come up with a paranormal creatures book for 3rd ed? That rather suprises me. I have the North American Critters book, but I understand there is a german one as well... it is worthwhile?

I did cyber up the Barghests, gave them cybereyes (they are night guards), boosted reflexes and one level of dermal, which drops their essence to 4 and gives the runners a fighting chance against their howl attacks. The beasties are the only real physical opposition to this milk run, save for the fact that it takes place in a nice part of Bellevue so Lonestar interference is a definite possibility if they manage to hose the break in. The Doggies are hemmed in by a fence, so smart runners will narcoject them and go from there.

I'll keep posts running on how they do. So far there is a Human Decker, Troll Mercenary (archetype), Dwarf Security Specialist, Elf Fox Shaman, and an Rigger. The Trog has taken the computer illiterate flaw, and is starting to regret it. biggrin.gif
I believe 'Running Wild' which is in the works deals with critters.
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