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Full Version: Building a Cyberdeck
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Okay What would you suggest i get. Nuyen Available: 900k

If you could post the deck, and add prices for the upgrads and such, and programs and costs that would be great.

*Edit* this is a base gen character and the availablilty limit is 8 and street index of 6
Necro Tech
Step by step instructions appear in Matrix.

Is this character gen? If so then the stock decks are roughly equal to building one although you can add stuff to a custom one and get the 25% discount on the upgrades.

Buy Matrix

What kind of decker are you? Your deck will reflect the kind of stuff you do.

Buy Matrix

Ditto for programs.

Buy matrix.

The only to find what you need is to take a stock deck, do a little virtual matrix running (or follow the current thread) and go from there. Everyone will only give you what they like to play with. Including me.

Seriously, buy Matrix if you want to take advantage of being a decker.
well as i have no money, buying Matrix is out of the question. i'm going by the resources i have available on the Web, including this forum, but thanks for the input. As for type of decker, im gearing for an all purpose decker, if that is feasible.
QUOTE (Ouchies)
this is a base gen character and the availablilty limit is 8 and street index of 6

I think you mean Rating of 6. smile.gif
yeah thats what i meant, sorry, im half assed tired typing this lol
Eyeless Blond
If I were you I'd just get one of the stock decks. The Hyperdeck-6 or Avatar-7 are fine for a starting character; spend any more on the deck and you won't have enough left over for the programs, necessary beginning contacts (a good set of deckmeisters and Shadowlands to start with), and cyberware (Artwinkulation and a Math SPU 3) that you need for a good starting decker.

If you insist on custom-builds, you can look around here and you'll find several Community Projects, one or two of which feature customizing cyberterminals/decks. However, I must seriously suggest that you at least borrow the Matrix book and read through the relevant sections before you attempt anything like a custom-built deck; there is little in SR more comlicated or more full of holes than the rules concerning customization, and if you don't have a decent grasp of the rules you may well make a mistake.

As a side note, I find it somewhat distressing that custom cyberdecks don't have a variable Availability or Street Index specified in the rules. I'm also pretty certain that you're not automatically entitled to a 25% price cut just for buying a whole custom cyberdeck instead of piece-by-piece; in fact I almost certainly wouldn't allow any kind of discount at all if you were getting the thing at chargen.
thanks for the tip! yeah i was most likely just going to build off of a regular deck, as this is my first time building one. when i played a decker before, the character was premade by the GM and the deck was included.

ill post back after its built, and you guys can tell me what you think, and what changes, if any, you would make.

thanks again!
My understanding of the matrix is not the best but I will make some comments.

Most deckers should be able to achieve any ends the question is how do you want to do it. hard and fast in out and leave the place in an uproar, nice and easy they never know you came, crash an suppress all the ic, let the first few bits if ic run they will never hit you. Let the IC hit you it wont do any damage (bad idea). Maby describing your icon and or reality filter (if and when you get one) will give a better understanding of your style.

Also dose your GM or anybody at your table have matrix. If so try and borrow it if not don’t use it’s rules as you will almost certainly want to check something during the game.

this is a game thats online, so i have no one to borrow books from. im using the 3rd Ed character builder to build my character and deck, so thats what im using. i have the main book, and thats it.

its kinda fun building a deck, and like i said before, ill post it when i think its done, for you all to view and tear it apart and tell me what i did wrong lol.
Necro Tech
For low cost decks, style of play is everything. Your BEMS don't change unless you run in Modes so what you pick determines what you are ready for. Since everyone maxes out masking (everyone but fools) the other three can vary greatly. Combat monsters max out Bod and buy a huge attack program, armor, shield and medic and the ICCM bio-feedback filter. Screw the tally, it takes several turns for a host to shut down, even longer if you get your Swerve on. Validate deckers get max Validate and a high evasion or sensor to spot incoming and keep their operations legit (or very very fast with a superuser account). Stealth Deckers, like myself, take all the manipulation programs (spoof, read/write, decrypt, defuse) and Camo and Cloak to stay in the game long after there is enough IC on the host to sink a cruise liner. For fun, I totalled up the cost of my deck and programs and came up with 4.6 million nuyen.gif . I wrote 95% of my own software and built my own deck. Still no attack utility of ANY kind in 3461 MP of programs.

Best thing you can do is try to determine your role as a decker. Do you physically go in? Don't need a great Deception program if you are logging on from a terminal hardwired to the host and forget about Camo because the Trace IC will find you right quick. Do you need to run overwatch? Get Cloak, medic, sleaze and spoof because you don't get to keep jumping off the host while it resets. See IC? Perform the evasion Manuever every time and use Medic to heal any hurts the IC put on you. Eventually, you will be able to perform nearly any task but starting characters are so limited by money that you have to pick a specialization or you won't do anything well but pilfer money from lowly green hosts.
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