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What is the difference between the Cam, Dimple-Cylinder, Pin tumbler, Wafer and Water specializations of the Lock Picking skill?

How work these different type of lock?
Each type requires a different tool or set of tools in order to pick. It is mainly because of reasons that, frankly, I don't know enough to state.
Jason Farlander
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Necro Tech
In descending order of difficulty.

1.) Cam lock. Can be wafer or pin. No special tools needed (other than standard picks and wrenches)

2.) Standard residential or comerical pin lock. No special tools needed. Usually fairly simple but can be made pick proof.

3.) Dimple cylinder. Special tools needed depending on which class of cylinder you have.

4.) Water???????
Some additional references:
Steel Bolt Hacking by Douglas Chick - a good how-to guide, specifically aimed at computer hackers. - a decent forum for discussing technique, tools, and tricks of the trade. - a reasonably-priced gear outlet. (Note: please familarize yourself with any applicable state and municipal laws before purchasing lockpicks. In New Jersey, for example, it is illegal to carry lockpicks with the intent of using them to commit a crime. Of course, if you're in a position where the cops are already rifling through your stuff, having a set of lockpicks on you is probably your least concern wink.gif).

You can also do a Google for "MIT's Guide to Lockpicking", a free PDF by an accomplished hacker - a slang term for someone that can lockpick (used long before computers came along).

I'm just starting to get into it. The basics are ridiculously easy to understand (99% of what you need to know to pick a lock can be explained in 1 or 2 paragraphs), but damn hard to master (hours and hours of hand cramps and frustration).
heh, most of those locks are either about avoiding patent violations or improveing security...

hmm, this made me recall that i belive a company called trioving (or something similar). its a norwegian company that atleast had a nice marketshare in locks. why i recall this? i spent a summer rideing around with a relative of mine while he where doing goods traffic to and from old oslo airport. and one of his regualr stops where the trioving facilitys (man those shipments where heavy!)... (not mutch in english sorry, but try some of the links)
You forgot on lock type 7 lever safe locks. There is some locks that you don't get picks for. These are made by the Locksmith himself.
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