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Full Version: A Concept For a Shadowrun Campaign
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This is a concept i've been thinking about running, so that i can get some experience, and it doesn't seem that it would be all that hard to run, in the beginning just basic rules.

The Characters would all start out as joe blow nobodys. no cyberware, no decks, no vehicles, just regular everyday people. The group would be friends or acquaintances of each other, and they come up with the plan to become Runners to either earn nuyen, or just for some adventure in their life. The runs in the beginning would be similar to what the old Genesis Shadowrun game was like, picking up packages, delivering them and running people from one place to the next.

Eventually as they got better, and earned more money, the chance for Cyberware, and the branching out of the different areas of Running would open up. Decking, Rigging, Magics and the type.
Austere Emancipator
What kind of system would you use for characters Awakening in the middle of the campaign? In my current medieval fantasy SR game, I allow characters to buy magical abilities in game if they get proper education or it otherwise fits the character, with some minor powers manifesting after 20-30 karma used and full powers being reached after 90-120 karma used. The numbers are easy to tune, of course, to retain balance.
yeah i'm going to basically follow that concept but with different numbers i believe. i haven't completely crunched them yet, but as the game hasn't started, i have time to do it smile.gif

does the concept sound interesting to you?
We started a low power game where we allowed characters to have magic at the outset. However, they only got 2 points of Magic, and it cost them 10 build points. (Mages gained 8 or so spell points). If they wanted to increase it, they had to do it in game, with the equivalent of initiation. It balanced quite well.
was the game enjoyable, i dont want to run something that people aren't gonna like. i figure the best way to get practice is to run an easy game, and this seems like its pretty easy lol
Kremlin KOA
IMHO you'd be better off running a party through the First Run book adventures having them use PC archetypes from the main book.
Wounded Ronin
That sounds like a cool idea but I'd actually save it for more experienced players and GMs. Man, I wish someone would run a low-power campaign for me.
QUOTE (Kremlin KOA)
IMHO you'd be better off running a party through the First Run book adventures having them use PC archetypes from the main book.

That depends on what kind of feel you're going for in your campaign. If you don't believe in common gangers with weapon skills of 6 and rampant cyberware, First Run isn't necessarily the thing for you.
i really wanna run a game, but im not sure people would be patient with me, cause it would be a learn as i go thing.
Why don't you try GMing a short game on Dumpshock. It should serve to familiarize you with the rules, precisely because things go slowly (which is normally somewhat of a drawback). Most players here are willing to help out the GM, and if you have any questions or doubts about the rules, you can always ask in this forum and get a pretty swift response.
that sounds like a good idea, i should write up some stuff and post a recruiting thing for 2 or 3 people to join in, and to make sure they know that im just testing things out, i like the idea, thanks!

now to come up with some stuff lol
Demonseed Elite
Personally, I love this kind of idea, but it depends on the players to do it justice. This kind of campaign works great for players who like to get into the real interpersonal stories of their characters. Doesn't work as great with the munchkin crowd. biggrin.gif
...or Newbies, be they players of GMs.
one thing you'll want to make note of--what you do about it is between you and the players, but you should at least be aware of it--is that SR characters take a long time to improve. if they're going to progress from Joe Nobody to Joe Shadowrunner, you'll need to hand out a lot more karma than you would in other campaigns (or, alternatively, run a much longer campaign than usual).
QUOTE (Wounded Ronin)
Man, I wish someone would run a low-power campaign for me.

You awaken to find yourself lying in a strange room, covered in cloth of some kind. Large creatures are moving around above you, and there is a strange transparent barrier behind which more large creatures are peering in. You have no previous memory save for warm wetness and a painful light.


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