We're undergoing some changes in the publishing schedule of The Shadowrun Supplemental - moving away from the magazine format to publish single articles of varying sizes on an irregular but frequent basis.

We are looking for a volunteer to handle converting the articles we publish to HTML format. These articles will range from about a thousand words up to 10,000 words. You can view our most recent HTML release at http://tss.dumpshock.com/18/ to see the relative style we use; it's relatively minimal, designed to be easy to read. You will typically be provided with the PDF version as a reference, a RTF version to work from, and any necessary graphics.

You need to be:

* Familiar with [relatively] standards compliant HTML and CSS. A CSS template will be provided.
* Capable of converting graphics between formats and optimizing them for the web.
* Sixth World Smart. 3rd Edition knowledge necessary. You aren't expected to be an editor [proof-reading, some, editing, no], but you are expected to be able to format text in manners extremely similar to FanPro products, with a few exceptions.

You need to have:

* Several free hours a week to handle dialoguing with me and the actual HTML conversions.
* The foreknowledge that this does not pay you anything except warm fuzzies and will probably never give you more than warm fuzzies and quite often will give you less than warm fuzzies.

Preference will be given to people who I would want to go drinking with at GenCon. smile.gif

If you're interested, sock me an email to TSS at Dumpshock DOT com