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Full Version: Creative Strategies to hum drum runs
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Luke Hardison
I thought I'd share a particular run that our group had one late night. Our Gm, being rather busy, decided to just run "Food Fight". Now our group, being paranoid in and out of character, and our GM being quiet evil vegm.gif, we were definitely overthinking. The gangers come into the Stuffer Shack, and we dive for cover. Oh, one more point I should mention, this team is in RL 2/3rds female, which really affects game play. The Shammy and I talk while the "combat medic" looks longlingly at the porn. Now Jos(the shammy) and I(the face) we decide that we don't really want to start shooting, so Jos casts "Elves Gone Wild", aka physical mask, on the three of us. Now imagine the ganger's expressions when three amply endowed elf chicks come bouncing out without tops on! We manage to convince the ganger shaman, who of course saw through the illusion, that Lonestar is moving in, and then quietly slip outside, without one shot fired. Our poor GM didn't know what to make of it.
Oh, we did drop the illusion once outside. Don't think our ruse would have worked on the Star.
Well, this one is a bit on the disgusting side, so I'll put it in spoilers. Those of you who find bodily fluids, speech pertaining to it, or imagining it, you might want to not click on it.

[ Spoiler ]
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