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Full Version: Space: the final frontier
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I was wondering what rules one should use when GMing an adventure on either one of the orbital habitats/stations or even on the moon? I did some research on the Shadowrun Wiki just to see what history there is, and most of it is in YotC, but little rules on weightlessness, what kind of intrigue (or even if missions were possible!) is up there, etc.

What I am asking for is possible rules to use for weightlessness, what politics would be applicable, what venues could missions be run in, what canon timeline issues I could use (when things were changed, etc.) and other oddities that I could use.

Jason Farlander
There are rules and adventure hooks for running in outer space in Target: Wastelands.
In short, that product gives you what you're asking for.
*blink* I had no idea! Thanks a lot!
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