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Full Version: [Dragons6thW] Drakes: Hard numbers
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Hello All and thanks for reading.

I have done some reading and found that not all the info needed to play a PC drake is in the DotSW book (I have no clue why). So I am looking for some help with the hard numbers and what books I can find them in. I have been told some of them missing info is in threats two, well I have ordered it and it will be here in about 5 days. The problem you see is that I am impatient (Bad Shadowrunner!) and wanted to gather the data here for all to see (and in time for my next game).

I know PC drakes can only be Breeder Drakes. They can also take another race for there metahuman form.

I know PC drakes start with the powers listed under breeder drakes in the DotSW. (+1 Reach, Str M claw damage, Astral Armor, Enhanced Senses(Enhanced Smell, Low-light Vision, Thermograph Vision, Wide-Band Hearing), Innate Spell (flame-thrower) Also listed in Threats 2 they get 6 points of armor.

I know they can have cyberware or bioware but suffer twice the essence cost and it will not work in drake form.

Now what I don't know.

Is the Armor Hardened or normal?

Are they treated like shifters, Two sets of physical attributes and one mental?

What are the attribute modifiers for Drakes in Drake form? Are there Attribute modifiers for there metahuman form (like shifters get)? And for god sakes what book is this in I have looked all over!!!!

Since Breeder Drakes are awakened from surges of mana we have opened up the possibility of having a troll become a drake, would the drake not be stronger than the troll? Would the Drake not get to stack the drake attributes onto the troll ones? If you think of the ridicules amount of creation points it would take to make a Troll/Drake/Magic something it seems reasonable it would balance some how.

Can they use there drake powers in human form? The ones that make sense like enhanced senses and astral armor.

Can they use there human or metahuman powers in Drake form? Like adept powers or mage spells?

Thanks for all your help!!!!!!
Well after confirming with and getting some question answered I have some more to add.

It is one set of physical Atributes, not two (like shifters).

None of the drake abilities can be used in human form.

The Drake Form attributes are computed from the *human* form
attributes, not the *metahuman* form attributes, but will not be less than
the metahuman form attribute (so I guess if you are a night one elf you quickness would still be +2 and would not drop). In Drake Form it gets its 6 points of natural
armor, but not the Troll's Dermal Armor bonus. It gets the Drake Form +1
reach, but not the Trolls +1 reach. The lumbering Troll's quickness penalty
does not affect the Drake Form. The short Dwarf legs do not affect the Drake
Form's running.

Therefore, when computing Attributes for Drake Form from the natural
attributes of the (meta)human form, use the following:
from Human: +4B, +1Q, +4S, +1 Reach
from Dwarf: +3B, +1Q, +2S, +1 Reach, no bonus to disease or toxin
from Elf: +4B, +0Q, +4S, +1 Reach
from Ork: +1 B, +1Q, +2S, +1 Reach
from Troll: +0B, +2Q, +0S, same Reach, no dermal armor bonus
Calculate Drake Form reaction from Drake Form Quickness and Intelligence,
then add 1.
Running is x4, regardless of (meta)human form running multiplier.
Flying is x5.

If any one has any more hard data to add please feel free. Also I am still unclear if the abilities of the humand form can be used in dragon form (like physical adept powers or magic)
If I remember correctly, the consensus was to allow it, but I can't remember. It was discussed in another thread on the subject recently - there have been two in the last month or so.

Otherwise, yes you seem to have it sorted.
for those who care, I found that I just missed the sentence in DotSW were it stated that both mage spells and physical adept spells work in both forms.
GaiasWrath8, can I ask where you got the info about the attributes from?

In Threats 2, pg.80, it states the following:

"Drakes in human or metahuman form use their normal statistics. Drakes in dracoform have the following statistics and powers:"

Then it goes on to list attributes like B (N+4)/6, S (N+4), I (N), R (N+1)...

After that it states: "Note: "N" equals the drake's normal attribute in human or metahuman form."

Unless there's been an errata to this that I'm not aware of, this would mean that the drake attribute bonuses are added to the metahuman attributes. Nothing I can find in DoTSW directly contradicts this.

For metahuman characters with average statistics:

Human: B 3, Q 3, S 3, C 3, I 3 W 3. Human Drake: B 7, Q 4, S 7, C 3, I 3, W 3.
Ork: B 6, Q 3, S 5, C 2, I 2, W 3. Ork Drake: B 10, Q 4, S 9, C 2, I 2, W 3.

Everything I can find in Threats 2, DotSW, and the old Earthdawn 'Dragons' pdf indicate the following:
Bred drakes are metahumans that can take Drake form - their drake attributes are based off of the normal metahuman attributes.
True Drakes are drakes that can take Metahuman form (in DotSW it seems they can only take 1 metahuman form, but in ED Dragons it states they can take any metahuman form (except Windlings and Obsidimen). I metahuman form they would 'loose' the physical bonuses of the drake form, but apply the bonuses of the metahuman form instead (That is, an average True Drake (Body 10) would have Body 6 in Ork form, Body 3 in human or elf form, Body 8 in Troll form, etc.)

If you want exact quotes and reasoning on how I came to this, just ask upsidedown.gif
Oh sure, sorry I did not see this sooner. I wrote the FAQ at and he gave me the data. The abilites do not stack, its a magic transfermation, not a physical one. He said in the next few months they should post it on the genral FAQ. smile.gif
Okay, thanx. upsidedown.gif

I'm still going with 'my' version above until there's an official errata of the Threats2 material, though.
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