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Full Version: Feo's Questions part 2
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1. Whats the difference between the different Radio links? Comlink, Radio, etc. Pros and Cons. Only price is listed.

2. What tables should I always have in front of me (I only have the SR2 GM screen and its a fat load of use unedited). Obviously Range/Melee combat modifiers and some might be campaign specific, but in general.

3. Are there magical/uber weapons not available in the Cannon Companion? In other words other than nuyen.gif and Karma what can a character expect to see on a given mission that can be a drawing factor.

4. My players all have their own vehicles, but I'm telling them they should all buy a van so they don't have 3 bikes, a car and a truck all pulling up at a secret location calling attention to themselves. What kind of transportation is the norm? An A-team style black van with jack points? Is having multiple vehicles viable?

5. When building a starting character it seems Attributes are more important than skills, because you can buy skills easier later on. In other words which archtype would ever pick Attributes over skills?

1. SR3 pp288-289.

2. i usually do okay with the SR3 GM's screen.

3. there are if the GM says there are.

4. having a team vehicle is not a bad idea, but having mutliple vehicles can be a real advantage. my characters usually park blocks away from the target location, anyway.

5. attributes and skills are about equally important. you roll your skills a lot more often than you roll your attributes. having 6 in everything, but no skills, sucks.
Kanada Ten
3. Are there magical/uber weapons not available in the Cannon Companion? In other words other than nuyen.gif and Karma what can a character expect to see on a given mission that can be a drawing factor.

Rigger 3 has vehicle weapons, and State of the Art 2063 has mercenary (light military) vehicles. Drones with lots of attached toys can be valuable as both an asset and on the market.

But you see to be asking a separate question as well. Sometimes what draws one to a job is reasons other than the standard "professional" ideal of cash. Wrapping the runners in plots where they must deal with hated enemies and those where they must help their allies can lead them far astray from typical runs. Owing favors to the Mafia and Yakuza in exchange for that powerful weapon foci or state of the art bioware will provide similar draws.
2. What tables?
Visibility Modifiers
Firearm Ranges
Melee/Ranged modifiers
First Aid modifiers
Social Skill modifiers
Powers and materialized attributes of spirits
Skills / Linked-Attributes Table
Assensing Table
And perhaps even the Body Part Loss table for Deadly damage wink.gif

5. Attributes vs. Skills
In a one-shot game, Feonyx, I choose Skills over Attributes, in order to be able to do things. If my attributes cause me to die, no big loss.

If it is to be a campaign, I take Attributes over Skills, because it is less expensive later to fill in skills than attributes.
Read this

2) Anything you need help remembering and are actually going to use. i.e. a rigger note sheet is useless if you don't have a rigger. And MIJI notes are useless if your rigger does not MIJI.

3) This is not D&D. Sink that mentality in. Phat loot != reward most of the time.

4) Everyone having their own car if FAR FAR better than no one having a car, trust me. Still, you might indeed suggest carpooling may be a good idea on some missions.

5) Um, tricky... I don't min/max so I don't know. My answer is that it depends on the character concept.
Kanada Ten
3) This is not D&D. Sink that mentality in. Phat loot != reward most of the time.

Of course the characters are criminals who would are expected to steal vehicles just to perform a job (R3). Such a group might invent their own jobs to obtain gear and so on, which I expect in my games. My players often set up entire missions where they must steal several items in order to obtain their Nightgliders, military armor, or whatever the case may be (Kludde <cough>).
Ol' Scratch
5) Beefy types who have to rely on their attributes as much as their skills will generally choose higher starting Attributes over tons of Skills. Street Samurai, Troll Gangers, and Mercenaries are examples of archetypes that get a lot of bang out of their (Physical) Attributes. Magicians tend to need all three of their Mental Attributes fairly high since they have to rely on them for drain, astral combat, and numerous other things. Skill-intensive characters include Faces, Deckers (who honestly don't need either beyond a high Intelligence and high Computers), Riggers, and Investigators.
Once again all my questions answered swiftly and perfectly smile.gif


QUOTE (Feonyx)
Once again all my questions answered swiftly

That's what we're good for. Well, that and obscure humor about ally spirits, dikoted sliverguns, and sex.
Riggers can make impressive use of high stats.

Well, mostly high Intelligence and Quickness. Willpower for backup and Charisma for actually getting the toys. Strength and Body fall by the wayside.

Ol' Scratch
That's true of all characters. Likewise, all characters can take advantage of multiple high-level skills. I was just sticking to the basics. smile.gif
Regarding #4, in the last group I played in, everyone had their own bikes for transportation to and from meets and individual work (well, except for the blind adept, who kept having to bum rides off the others), but we also had a couple of team vehicles that got used for most actual runs. If I remember correctly, we had a Westwind (if you're driving around in one, you must be rich enough that Lone Star probably won't stop you without a very good reason) and an MPUV (probably the heaviest-armored civilian vehicle in Rigger 3, useful for traveling through the rougher parts of town). The MPUV quickly earned photovoltaic paint and morphing plates; a fake transponder library would have been next on the list.
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