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Full Version: Ultimate Corporate Workers?
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I ran across news article the other day and immediately thought Shadowrun. I can just see corps introducing this somehow into the workforce, hell I could see them trying some way to permanently introduce it though the hospitals they run and the next generation. Aside from things like this, what else do people think corps would stoop to to get more out of their employees?
Ol' Scratch
I dunno, but I wanna get my hands on some of that stuff. I hate being lazy, but it's just so damn comfortable. biggrin.gif
Kanada Ten
Corporations might have invented the p'fix chip for this reason. Better than gene therapy because the work ethics and knowledge skills stay locked at the office, having the employees little more than vessels. New meaning for unskilled labor, absolutely no reason to ever raise anyone's salary since all corps could model the practice, and best of all no worries about the competition gaining valuable business practices.

Obviously, the corps would offer incentives to those 'skilled' employees who opt for this genetic modification, and maybe even for children with a simple terms of service for 5 years production and a decreased job time of half the hours saved.
Herald of Verjigorm
Drek, chemically induced motivation!! We'd better make sure this idea dies in the Crash.
Now if only we had some motivated neo-anarchists to destroy the data...
I'd gladly help that run if I could get a supply of the stuff for myself first.

~J, still trying to find an ADHD medication that actually works without nasty side effects
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