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Full Version: An ID verification question
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Hi everyone!!

I donít post on here very often, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me, whatís the rating of ID/credstick verification readers used at, sayÖ passport control? Does it vary from state to state, or is it more or less an international constant?

And what is the source of that information (book/page), so I can read around the subject myself?

Ol' Scratch
I believe the Shadows of... books (namely North America and Europe) have tables in the back listing that information. I don't have either copy handy to double-check for you, though.
And generally, keeping in mind the HUGE cost of ID verification devices, the rating of most things don't go very high. An airport, which actually does have a vested interest in making sure you are who you are, might be in the R6-8 range. But any kind of store would have rating 1-3, 4 maybe if it's a gun store, etc.
Thanks a lot, I've found those tables now. The ratings seem awfully low though; even Tir na nOg is only a 5, which seems to be the highest! Guess I'll have to beef them up a bit.
Jason Farlander
QUOTE (Magusinvictus)
Thanks a lot, I've found those tables now. The ratings seem awfully low though; even Tir na nOg is only a 5, which seems to be the highest! Guess I'll have to beef them up a bit.

Why? I think they're set at their current levels for a reason. The number of people out there with fake SIN's are rather low, all things considered, and even someone with a rating 8 fake SIN (something I imagine is rather exceedingly rare) isn't guaranteed to make it past a rating 5 verifier, especially when you consider the random factors table and the "tight security" effective rating mod, which can bring that 5 up to an effective 7 or 8. The fact that even someone with rating 8 fake SIN has to seriously worry about being caught is good enough for me.

Oh, it strikes me that the random effects and the effective rating mods arent listed in SoE. That makes me sad. You shouldnt have to have SoNA to use SoE effectively, but, alas, you do. Anyway, assuming you have SoNA, you should check that out.
It also comes down to the fact that checking SINs is extremely ressource consuming, and realistically a rating 5+ verifier is going to be really rare. Like Jason said, it's just not worth putting all that effort into blocking a few people.

The definition of shadowrunner is people without SINs that can't be traced. Why? Because of flaws in the SIN system itself. Too many people, too many things to check. The checking process just isn't that good.
Read the section in SR3.238,239 about credsticks, specifically the top of the 2nd column on page 239:

"Once created a credstick is used as if it where the real thing. Under most circumstances a good forgery will stand up to the verification process and be accepted as legitimate. Only a particularly sophisticated credstick checking and ID verification system might detect a fake."

So in my opinion, unless it's part of the object that they might get busted for fake ID (that being they only have Rating 3 ID's and it's critical to the mission) I might take the extra effort to see if they get busted for it.

I'd imagine only big deals where ID is critical would be under heavy scrutiny.

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