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Full Version: Quick question on PersonaSofts
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Johnny Reb
In SOTA: 2064 it mention sthe cost as 75 * the Rating.

That seems a bit ... off ... from the traditional way of measuring an ActiveSoft?

What's the multiplier on one of these things in order to detrmine how many MP they use?

-- Johnny Reb
nope. check CC--the pricing format matches that of BTLs, which aliaschips are. CC also gives rules for determining the size of a BTL; BTLs have a size multiplier of 2.
Johnny Reb
ah HAH! I'd missed that BTL bit.


So, if you wanted to dupe the old 'Jack, Cleo, and Khan' chips, you'd have a chip with multiple skills embedded, plus a BTL-equivilent?


I smell adventure seed.

-- Reb
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