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Full Version: Rigging, Decking, and chipped skills
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Ok, I am sure you old people on Dumpshock have already talked about this. I could not find the answer searching the archives so please give a chummer a break.

When rigging (or decking and hacking a rigged system) can chipped skills be used when comanding the drones? Like Active gun skills, Driving skills or even stealth skills? Would the PC need skill wires or would just a chip jack due?
yes. nothing in the books says you can't. however, using a chipped skill while rigging or decking means that you lose access to your control/hacking pool, which puts you at a severe disadvantage.
Very cool. That makes good sense. They would lose the ability to use any pools, but could do it. Thanks. I had a PC try it on the weekend and I did not know what to say. LOL.


Page 27 Rigger 3 says "Because control of a rigged vehicle takes place entirely within a rigger's brain, skillwires do not work for a rigger who has gone into the machine. In other words, a rigger directly controlling a vehicle cannot use activesofts. Likewise, a character who is remotely piloting a vehicle cannot use skillwires and activesofts."

Yes, you need skillwires just like anyone order to not be able to use them.

If you're physically driving the vehicle, yes, you can use them.

If you're only sitting in the Captain's Chair...I'm not sure. I'd say no, but I can see how a GM might allow you to use a chipped Computer(Programming) or Small Unit Tactics(Vehicle Tactics) skill when you're just sitting in the captains chair. My quick rule of thumb - If you or your drones are receiving the bonuses of a VCR(Such as for init and they do use your init), no activesofts for you. If you really wanted to, I'd say you could turn the VCR off and then use the above-mentioned activesofts(or anything else that you can use from the Captain's Chair), but you'd only get datajack bonuses.
whoops. guess i was wrong.
Thanks so much for the data. I thought I read that some were but could not remeber. I only knew that my old GM in 2nd ed let me get away with it.
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