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Any canonical source for the cost of plane tickets in the sixth world? I'd have to imagine that with risks like dragons and those pesky storm spirits prices could have fluxuated a bit.
I just look up and plug in the locations and ask for 1st class prices same day travel and charge the runners half that amount. Has worked so far with little greif. if they ask for sub-economy seating I knock off 20% more and they get to sit next to people that will make the flight very annoying smile.gif
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There was some pricing in Neo-Anarchist's Guide to Real Life (out of date, but I don't remember where to find anything newer).

HSCT (think Concord): ~2000 from Seattle to Tokyo (~14,000 km flight according to the nearby text)
Semiballistic and suborbital: ~2500 for the same trip

So simple pricing would be to find the distance in kilometers between two locations and divide by 7 for HSCT, 25% more for the others. Be sure to round up to a nice sounding number.

Profit is highest on the semiballistic, HSCT actually operate on a little bit of a loss.

Figure that those are the basic seats, increas if it's a luxury ticket or drop if it's substandard in flight comforts.

If anyone can give a page number for newer rules please do so.
SSG has modern pricing guidelines for the various types of flights.
QUOTE (Adam)
SSG has modern pricing guidelines for the various types of flights.

I figured they would probably be in that one. C'mon StiggyBaby. My order should be in the mail smile.gif
The 2nd sourcebooks for different countries also have flight prices.
I seem to remember airline prices being given in "Harlequin". They won't be as up to date as the SSG though.
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