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Full Version: Foci Question
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I was in the process of making a character using the generator when i noticed something.

The Drain focus is missing.

I seem to recall there being one in the rules somewhere.

Anyone have any ideas?
Ancient History
There is no focus specifically designed to deal with drain; you might be thinking of a Power Focus or Centerign Focus.
I could've sworn there was a Drain Focus mentioned in one of the books.

Not in any edition of the game.
Ol' Scratch
Closest thing you'll find are the standard foci. Power Focus, Specific Spell Foci, Spell Category Foci, Spirit Foci, etc. all help with drain. There's no such thing as a drain-only focus, however... though you might be able to create a unique one using Enchanting or something.
Isn't there a 'drain focus' as such, although I believe there is a centering focus which can be used for drain.

Or am I making that up? Don't have my books with me so I can't look it up.
I don't have my books with me either, but as I understand it, ALL of the foci can be applied to the Drain test of it's particular subject.

What bothers me is for Conjouring there is no Pool avaible. Also, besides a Power focus, there are only specific spirit type foci, not a spirit category focus.
The best way to use a focus to aid your Drain Resistance Test is to buy Expendable Spell Foci. They only cost 1500/force, and there's no Karma cost to bond them. That is, it's probably the best way to go about it at creation. Past that, you'll probalby want to invest in a more permanent solution.
Kanada Ten
There might be [a drain focus] in an issue of TSS, but I don't feel like searching them. Which brings up a suggestion for Adam... A Cluttered Datastore 'archive' or really one for each regular article.
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