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Full Version: Vision magnification
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The character generator says that shades have a vision magnification of 20x.

What rating of magnification is this for targeting purposes?
Those are based on the goggles listed in the BBB.

But what rating are they? Do they even have a rating?
I wouldn't, personally, because they aren't designed for a combat situation. Besides, can you imagine being zoomed in, no peripheral vision and an enemy coming up and beating you senseless before you can react.

But, based on my experience with a 10x zoom monocular, I'd guestimate a level 1 if you had to give it a mod.
The flip end of this argument has always got me.

I've got a lvl3 scope, but im not aiming through it, im using it as a "spying" device. how much further does it let me see? Cos im damn sure that just cos it came off of a pistol im not limited to 60m!!
this seems to entail that the level 3 magn. scope for a pistol is not the same as the level 3 one you buy for your panther..which makes a lot of sense, the scope for the panther is prob bigger than your handgun..
you dont need a high magnification to see details 60 m away..

the actual functional way to use the scope always got me though...
just buy a good binocular.. do a search on the net to find a good one and talk to your GM.. 99% he will let you buy it.. or egt the 20x shades of the first post.. good enuff for 60m smile.gif

edit: an easy rule of thumb for using scopes would be substract the max useful range of scope from the distance you view someone at.. so scope3 of handgun <60m> viewing target 90m away is more or less the same as viewing same target no scope from 30m away.. not physically 100% correct but easy workaround..
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