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Full Version: CLUE Files?
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I read the CLUE files in the archives, I was wondering if they are still around somewhere on the web? and I mean up to date, not ending in 2003.
No. Karen suggested that she would be reestablishing them at some point last year, and did in fact make one post in the archive and create a new page here, but nothing seems to have come of it for one reason or another. She may still pick it back up someday, though.

Too bad...I actually recreated the Temple run described in the Stealth really is cursed. *grin* The runners got the girl out, but one took deadly, another was 1 box away and they had to basically kill everyone with a strike force add-on.

And yes, there was clue file material in it as well. smile.gif
I've made a CLUE thread to post such sotries on until(if) the regular CLUE files get restarted. Post the full details of the run there smile.gif
sadly Ponies versus Shadowrun isn't that tough to call.
I wanna pony too.
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