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Full Version: Lofwyr & the jewel of Memory.
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Blue eyes
Due to the fact that the great dragon Lofwyr is the currently is possession of the jewel of memory, is the current trend of SK suffering a general setback worldwide a consequence of this?

Has Lofwyr focus changed because of the insight he has gained from the jewel, meaning has he stepped up to the plate as Dunklezahn asked him to in his will, and as Hestaby asked him to do in Survival of the fittest ?

If yes will we the see him following in Dunklezahn's footprints and continue his work?

What consequences will this have for Lofwyr and SK ? Will he leave the leadership of SK more in the hands of others while he focuses on the new path or will he use SK in this endeavor ?

Or will he in the end turn his back on Dunklezahn & Hestaby and use the jewel for his own ends, even though that seems somewhat unlikely seing that that he now has information from the jewel which should have given him a sense of needing to focus on the bigger picture, rather than only worrying about his own tail and therefor now has a sense of responsibility that he didn't have before thanks to Dunkelzahn....

Finally will we see some official products in the future that give us some answers to this?

Demonseed Elite
I would be surprised if Lofwyr drastically changed his ways. I don't think a critter who lives for thousands of years changes overnight, jewel or no jewel. That said, the lore that the Jewel of Memory does possess could be distracting Lofwyr as he learns from it, and that could account for some of S-K's recent setbacks. Those who would scheme against Lofwyr certainly haven't slowed down, and he may not be focusing on them as much as he used to be.

But I think it'd be foolhardy for any of them to let down their guard. wink.gif
I don't really think Ol' Golden Snout had a change of heart or anything, he's just a bit distracted with this wonderful new toy he's been given. And even if he did, he'd never let go of SK, he's just too smart to throw away such a powerful tool.

Also, other people have, apparently, stepped up their actions against Lofwyr:

Celedyr/Transys and the Wireless Matrix Initiative are threatening his control of European grids.

Aden is tired of his messing around in the Middle East which he considers his private turf (and I don't think even Lofwyr could've predicted the whole mess with the Ibn Eisa death/ressurrection)

In his Will Dunkie also left the famous promissory notes to Wina Graff-Beloit which hindered his plans once more (I don't remember anything else from the Will also directly hindered Lofwyr, but I might have forgotten something).

And then there's everybody who's always hated Lofwyr (hint-Alamais-hint) and just about every Megacorp in the world, none of which would mind in the least if they could steal the Numero Uno spot from SK.

Even IF Lofwyr is the most inteligent creature in the world (and that's a pretty BIG if, I'm pretty sure most other GDs and even quite a lot of IEs would object to that statement) he should be having a hell of a lot of trouble simply running the "Red Queen's Race" just to stay in the same place.
Ancient History
Well, I didn't see much of a difference when Mountainshadow inherited the Jewel, so I doubt that in the short period of time he's had it that Lofwyr has been overly effected.
Maybe SK will take some interests in underwater arcologies?
I doubt it. Lofwyr's got his own ways of surviving the scourge, and it's been pretty well established that he's not terribly concerned for the others. Again, the Jewel of Memory is quite unlikely to change this much.

Saeder-Krupp have nontheless a deep-sea habitat in the Atlantic, hosting 2'000 personnel with families, space and lunar stations and plans to mine the asteroid belt.
Correction: I doubt they will take interest because of the Jewel. Golden Snout has plenty of other reasons.

Cynic project
One things people forget is that this could just be a short term set back. Hell if SK is knocked about for decades on end, and then shows up with a new item,market idea,stragic playing space..Well That may not even be a long term goal for the dragon. He owns SK,and if he is dealing on a time scale that is measured in generations, then he could care less about minor set backs...
QUOTE (Cynic project)
One things people forget is that this could just be a short term set back.

Trust us, we don't.

Though the fact that he's being set back at all in any term is fairly impressive.

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