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Full Version: More AE spells...
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So this has always peaked my thoughts although I'll admit I've never done it or seen it done...yet.

Since you need a target for spells and in the interest of the target either dodging (for EM spells) or completely resisting (for Combat Spells), why not target things that can't do either?

For example:
Cast Manaball at the office plant (low body) so that it won't fizzle.

Cast Fireball at the ground in front of the target so they can't dodge.

Now I may be offbase on a few things here, so please elaborate.
Herald of Verjigorm
Area combat spells only "fizzle" if every valid target resists the spell. It's not that you target one, and everyone resists based on that many successes, but your roll is compared to every potential target to see which ones it hits.

Fireball isn't a contact explosion grenade, it detonates where you want it too, in the air or on the ground. However, even a "direct hit" still provides some opportunity to dodge or seek cover, but usually with a nasty penalty.
So when it is said you can dodge AE EM spells, does anyone apply the "dodging a grenade" rule to make it harder? What about regular EM spells (ie Lightning bolt)? Doesn't that in essence shoot a bolt of electricity at the target? If you dodge, I'd think it'd hit something else instead.
SR tends not to have rules for collateral damage--when you miss, you miss. It makes the GM's job more fun to come up with the effects (and makes whole adventures, like Food Fight, a joy to run)
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