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Full Version: CLUE files Revived?
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Now mind you, it would not be THE "C.L.U.E. files" as that is Karen's right and not mine. It would be in the likeness of them however with a meritable name in the likeness of the CLUE files.

If you would like to suggest a name for it, go ahead and post that here as well.
One suggestion was:
"Son of a CLUE"
"The Bastard Sons of the CLUE Files"
How about "The CLUEless?"
draco aardvark
"Darwin hands out CLUEs"
or "get a CLUE"
Stumps' Total Unrelenting Panoply of Intelligence Disasters.

Cynic project
You could do it in a corny spin off, like "My two nuyen"....
While it would be nice, I'm thinking the objections about how GMs act on the other topic is too valid for me to support this.
That would be true...if I simply let every submitted story into the files...but I'm not going to do that.

I'll screen them, as did Karen.
I like some of these names here..
Thanks guys.

Name wise, I'm working one out from what folks have posted and arrived at this one so far.

Stumpsí List of Enormously Unintelligent Tumbles by Half-wits, in Shadowrun

I like the SLEUTH idea because I'll be looking for CLUES grinbig.gif
Love it.
HMHVV Hunter
What are the CLUE files?
What are the CLUE files?

Read it and weep with laughter.
What about "Get a CLUE, chummer!"
Ow... laughing too hard... must sue...

If you structure it like CLUE, then I'll support it. Hell, my entire campaign with one group has been nothing but a big CLUE file.
Unless I'm mistaken, that is pretty much the plan. Post the tales of the clueless until such a time as the original CLUEmaster resumes her duties.
Hey, I'm part of a group that once came up with a plan to blow up the Renraku Arcology (or at least as much as we could manage) to distract Lone Star, only to end up using a plan that not only resulted in just as much destruction and chaos but ended up making us permanent enemies of DocWagon. And to top it all off, my character still managed to accidentally kill the target.

Yes, we are still alive. Just lost a few on the way.
Enemies of DocWagon...that hurts.

People really took off on this in the polls while I was sleeping.
I stayed up and did some ground work on the website for the SEUTH, in SR site. I'll work on it again today some more.

If anyone wants to start sending submissions, please send them to

I'll let everyone know the address for the website once I have something up.
Mind you, there won't be any actual content until I proof over the submissions and post them on there.

As of right now...I'm thinking I'll update once a month (either on the 1st or the 15th time frame) and post the best 3 or 5 (thinking 5) submissions that have been sent for that month.
Stumps, needless to say, you probably only need me to get a few months of content.
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