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Full Version: Whats up with China?
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Can anyone give me a broad overview of what happened-is happening in China in the 2060's? I can't remember hearing a single thing about the most populous nation on earth.
Ancient History
Basically, it's split into five warring nations. Lung is currently trying to take control of it, and the Triads run a lot of the show. It's been mentioned a lot recently, actually, and will soon be done up rather more in Shadows of Asia.
QUOTE (Ancient History)
Basically, it's split into five warring nations.

*Bzzzztttt* Sorry, close but no cigar.

The Sixth World Wiki is often the best place to look for things like this. At present we have ten canon warlord states that have been mentioned in the sourcebooks, twelve if you count Hong Kong and Macao. Just click Asia and they're under China. smile.gif
Ancient History
Ah, you are quite correct. I was thinking of the five sacred mountains, etc.
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