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Full Version: [SoA2064] SOTA 2064 in the UK?
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The Canterbury Tail
Does anyone in the UK have a copy of this as yet? So far all the retailers I've contacted say they've been having problems getting hold of copies and the distributors only received a handfull from the states. This is unusual for a Shadorun supplement which still maintains moderate popularity. The distributors have been trying to get them in but cannot get any more at the moment. Anyone have it?
I've had my copy for about two weeks, walked into my local store picked it up off the shelves and the owner ordered a new one as he was serving me.

If you're still having problems I guess I could try and get you a copy and post it off to you. Send me an email if you're interested.
The Canterbury Tail
Thanks for the offer, but I get a nice discount at my FLGS. I'll just wait, I just wanted to know if anyone else had been hit by these supply problems. Seems very odd.
I asked at my FLGS a week or so ago, and they said they were having problems as well. You aren't on your own matey.
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