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Full Version: Essence Lost
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Crazy Coyote
If a awakened person loses a limb do they automatically lose essence or is there a chance that they don't?

Is there anyway to get rid of cyberware and heal lost essence?

Thanks for any input .... A little rusty on the rules
Losing a limb does not cause essence loss. Leaving a stump or having a grown replacement installed does not cause essence loss.

Connecting a cyberlimb to the brain, to operate in place of the lost limb, that causes an essence loss.

The rules provide no way to recover lost essence. Cyberware that is removed leaves an essence "hole". Installing new or replacment cyberware may use some or all of the 'hole' before causing further essence loss. With standard rules, new cyberware automatically goes into the 'hole'. With Man and Machine surgery rules an upgrade to the removed item will automatically go into the 'hole', but other cyberware might not. If it doesn't go in then the 'hole' remains, for potential use by future implants.

Some GMs want there to be a way, in their games, to recover lost essence. If the GM in your game wants that, he simply designs his own house rules. Some require a successful quest to Japan to discover a magical biotech company, some require a Team Astral Quest, some charge Karma, some may allow the passage of time to gradually erase the hole, or perhaps they allow Blood Mages to do it. Or maybe the blood mages run the magical biotech company in Japan which you can only reach with a team Astral Quest and the expenditure of Karma. Your game, you choose.
OurTeam is right on the money. I would like to add that the fact that essence never, ever comes back is a very important thing, and do not overrule it lightly.
Don't listen to Cyber-Pirates! when it says a wooden peg leg costs essense.
That would explain why some pirates are creepy now. They've already lost some Essence before anybody else has!
Crazy Coyote
Thanks for the help! I'll ask my GM if he'll allow some way to recover essence to add to my character's background.
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