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Joke List
Somehow I just knew this was going to be the Skippy list... smile.gif
And for some reason my Sgt didn't find it too funny...
See, that's the problem with the Military today. No sense of humour... wink.gif

The Skippy list has been around for a few years now. I have no direct proof of its veracity, but colleagues in the US Armed Forces have made reference to it being at least partially accurate.

Me, I like the one about "if something makes me giggle for 15 seconds or longer, I should assume I am not allowed to do it". I think I'd like Skippy, he sounds like a truly entertaining lunatic smile.gif
There was a Shadowrun Edited version......
I think someone did a "Murphy's Laws of Shadowrunning" once upon a time.

Naturally, most of the humor from the original "Murphy's Laws" translates quite well.

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