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Full Version: Who can make Foci?
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Ok, I thought I saw a thread on this but now I can not find it, so i need to ask.

In the book it states an awakened person can make a foci, but then later it says that a shaman would need a log and a mage would need a library. So can an adept make a foci? Would he just need a library to help with the formula and then could make the foci with his powers?

Thanks for putting up with my stupid questions.
Ol' Scratch
By the rules, anyone with a Magic of 1, the Enchanting Skill, and the appropriate tools can make one (which I support). The tools used as part of the Enchantment vary according to tradition (ie, your reference to logs and libraries), not the focus they're creating.

By the FAQ, only those capable of using a given focus can make it (which I don't support).
Interesting, ok that works for me. smile.gif
By the FAQ, only those capable of using a given focus can make it (which I don't support).

Since I come from an era of SR that had enchanter adepts, I tend to agree with you. One of the more popular NPC sources in my game was an expatriate Irish blacksmith enchanter adept, who claimed to have faerie blood and made beautiful focus items.
Very cool. smile.gif

Thats good to hear. I had a guy coming in as an adept and he wanted to be a foci maker. smile.gif I thought it was a great idea. but could not find in the book if he could do it. smile.gif Thanks for your help.
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