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Full Version: SIN, SID...whatever
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Ok. So here you go. A link to today's present system identification numbers.
Instead of SIN, they are called SID's.
Instead of tracking people, they track and identify phones.
System Identification Numbers

But maybe...maybe that's how it started in SR?
Rather innocent right?
Now if only the awakening were that simple.

I definitely read the thread title as "SIN, STD...whatever" and got all excited. Damn.

IIRC, SINs arose after the formation of the UCAS and such, in response to goblinization and metahumanity and general. It was more a way to deny metahumans their rights than anything else.
That may be what SR published...but what's more probable?

That we'd mass together in a recovered unified nation with canada and outlined an entire political agenda to alienate, not just one entire race, but two entire races with an invasively advanced version of a SSN (social security number) or that we would eventually grow more invasive in our self pertinant documented history from various forms of technology in the coporate levels that needed data-tracking to make their services more efficient and user-friendly until we finally re-created the SSN into a larger and more extensive history of one individual on one source for absolute national security based out of the present individual data information storage in Chicago?

Not to mention that in all reality, we normally like to be able to track those we don't trust rather than exhile them into a data-less oblivion where they are free to organize terrorist strikes against us without any knowledge being made available to us of it eventhough it would be feared to be happening right in our own nation.
QUOTE (Stumps)
But maybe...maybe that's how it started in SR?

That's what I was responding to with my last post. It's not.

I do agree, though, that that article is probably more likely. Perhaps nearer in our future than one would think, especially considering of the past few days.
We have SIN in Canada, although, it stands for Social Insurance Number, they track all your employment info and you can't get a job without one. They track some other things too, I just can't remember what. But you can use them as one part of your 2 parts ID when bar hopping or buying alcohol.
QUOTE (Kyuhan)
But you can use them as one part of your 2 parts ID when bar hopping or buying alcohol.

I REALLY wouldn't do that if I were you...
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