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Reading the NeoAnarchist's Guide to North America, it keeps talking about how Austin was taken over by Aztlan. However, in the Lone Star book, it keeps talking about how Lone Star's HQ is in Austin, CAS. Which is it? Did Austin somehow get taken back? And if so, why doesn't the Lone Star mention this at all, seeing as how Austin was occupied around the time Lone Star was staging its big expansion? Is one of the books just wrong? Because that would be lame.
IIRC, Austin is split in half -- on side on the Aztlan side and the other in the CAS.
Thanks. I guess that makes sense because the LS book says a few things that make Austin sound a little like Beirut, with everyone afraid a mortar will fall on their head, but neither book actually says that (in fact, NAGNA makes it sound like they got all of it). Do you know by any chance which book I should look in?
Herald of Verjigorm
Shadows of North America states it quite plainly. CAS has everything on their side of the river, Aztlan has the other. The I-35 bridge is the only connection point (aside from stealthy shadowrunners in black inflatable rafts).
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