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Full Version: The Ancient Files by Ancient History
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I found an interesting site today called "The Ancient Files" run by Ancient History. I'm not a regular of these forums, but it appears to be hosted at dumpshock at

The site doesn't appear to have any contact information, so I figured I'd ask here for help. All the posts here about The Ancient Files appear to be months old, and I don't know who exactly is maintaining the site, or whether the e-mail address posted here is still correct.

A few people here may have heard of the SixthWorldWiki, at I've finished importing Wordman's site and have been looking for another content-heavy site with similar goals to the wiki to assimilate. I was hoping that I could get as many of these questions answered as possible:

1) Who is maintaining The Ancient Files?
2) What is the best way to contact them?
3) Do they have the rights to redistribute the contents of The Ancient Files?
3a) If not, which, if any, parts do they have the rights to redistribute?
4) Would they be willing to donate the contents of The Ancient Files to the SixthWorldWiki under the GNU FDL?

As a warning, The Ancient Files do not perfectly match the intent of the SixthWorldWiki. This probably won't be a full import like Wordman's site, but cherrypicking of relevant articles.

Kanada Ten
This is probably the best place to reach Robert, aka Ancient History. You can send him a private message by clicking here. But, I expect he'll reply soon enough.
Ancient History
Ye can call me Bobby too; I appear to have left my e-mail off the latest front-page.

I'm actually planning an update this weekend, my time has not been what it was. In answer to your questions:

1) I maintain the site.
2) Generally? Leave my a PM on Dumpshock.
3) Yes, I do have the right, though I seldom exercise it.
4) No.

No offense to your project, but I have had a bad experience or two with Wiki in the past and am leary of letting my files out of my care, except in a few specific cases where I know the people and they want to make a translation. Naturally, you can use anything from the books, but I'd appreciate it if you could confine yourself to links to specific pages.

[/edit] By-the-by, you're missing a metavariant or two on your list. Lovely format, though.
No worries, FDL isn't for everyone. I just came across your orichalcum page and noticed that it and a few of the others would need to get written for the wiki sooner or later. I'm a big fan of not reinventing the wheel when possible.
Ancient History
I understand, and wish you luck. I'm always available to help out and all.
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