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Full Version: Blast to the past
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Hey, I have the RA:S book with the various drones in it. I also have read Kage's "short" story with extra drone stats at the end.

My question is are there any other sources of drone stats for the Shutdown? Like has anyone ever done up the Labyrinth Beast? Or other beginning to mid-level drones that I can throw at poor unsuspecting saps...uhhh I mean runners?
Herald of Verjigorm
Any drone in any previous book can be present with any loadout. If you have Rigger 3, it adds a lot more than just the Deus only and SR3 listed drones.

As for the beast, that's almost better kept as screams in the distance augmented with the shifting terrain.
That was the other question I had about the Labyrinth - how does one emulate the deadly spinning blade trap, etc? It's truly a throwback to D&D, but I don't think it's really covered anywhere in the BBB.
Herald of Verjigorm
Suprise test, if they make it, they can dodge or just stand there (who would just stand there?), if they fail, they resist some nice amount of damage with only impact armor and body.

I'd suggest either 6 dice (and the TN 2) as the reaction for the trap's surprise, or higher if your group is really twitchy, but not many successes on the test so the blade can be dodge with relative ease if you spot it. Up difficulties as you see fit.
The brainscan adventure set has some other drones

Including, FYI, the humanoforms on the cover of M&M
Yeah, but they suck. Medusa's are far scarier, and much more fun...

I had the labyrinth beastie as a hardwired drone covering the entire Maze in which it resides like one of Deus' SK drones running a CCSS system. It had access to the camera systems and traps so on, and but couldn't control the other drones that were in there (and I created some extra drones for the maze, like a six legged cat sized drone kitted out much like a medusa that patrolled the air vents and smaller tunnels). If you encountered a construct directly controlled by the guardian, it manifested (for want of a better word) as tentacles using the same construction as the medusa's tails, only larger and encountered in clusters of up to a dozen tentacles. Some had surface tasers built in, others were used for grappling and literally tearing victims limb from limb, etc.

And then I saw the underwater security tentacle measures in Wastelands (I think) which were based on arcology technology and felt completely justified....
I'll have to get back to statting up some of the things I mentioned…

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